The main strength of the organization is to produce varieties of Monolithic Products using in-house High Alumina Cements/Binders with base raw materials from secured sources (either from our own mines or from mines with long-term agreements). Most of the input raw materials are processed by various value-added processes (i.e., Sorting, Calcination & Gradation into required size fractionations ) in our own plant to get more homogeneous inputs. Products are also designed using best possible raw materials available across the Globe. Manufacturing of Unshaped and/or Monolithic Refractories is the key strength of the organization. These classes of material include Castables (Conventional, Low Cement, Ultra Low cement and No Cement); Mortars; Gunning Mass; Ramming Mass; Plastics; Patching Mass etc. High Alumina Cements of different qualities are also produced in-house; mainly for own consumptions and very high fineness in Cements are achieved through grinding in close-circuit Ball Mill. The input RMs for Monolithics are very critical (especially in terms of porosity) and it’s fully-controlled by own calcination units in high-temperature Rotary Kilns.

Purity dense castables

Medium Purity Dense Castables

High Purity Dense Castables

Low Cement Castables

Ultra low cement castables

Ultra Low Cement Castables

Gunning Castables

Insulating castables

Insulating Castables

High Alumina Cement

Plastics Masses (Double Component)

Plastics Masses (Single Component)

Grouting material

Grouting Material

Fire Clay & High Alumina Mortars(Heat Setting)

Fire Clay & High Alumina Mortars (Air Setting)