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Mahakoshal Refractories Pvt. Ltd. (MRPL) was established in 1969. MRPL is India’s leading manufacturer of World Class Refractories and provides Total Refractories Solutions (TRS) to the customers. Our business philosophy is to develop long term relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees with supply of quality products, sharp delivery commitments and world-class services.

  • To cater the own requirement of good quality High Alumina Cement (HAC) of different varieties for production of monolithics, MRPL started manufacturing of HAC in 2004. Today MRPL has own facility for calcination of different refractory raw materials with full control over input minerals from own Mines as well as precisely selected nearby Mines through long term agreements.
  • With an annual production capacity of ~2,34,000MT, MRPL makes 200 MT of Stainless Steel Anchors 30,000 MT of calcined minerals and 12,000 MT of Synthetic Aggregate every year. The main work is strategically located at Katni District of Madhya Pradesh in Central India, well connected by Road, Railways & Flights. MRPL also has operations at Gudri, – about 17 kms away from the main plant and at Bhachau, Gujarat near Mundra Seaport.

Why Mahakoshal refractories:-

  • Excellent relationship with all stakeholders. Long term associations with Customers, Suppliers and Employees
  • Good raw material availability from
    1. Captive Clay and bauxite mines in Madhya Pradesh
    2. Proximity to locally available other raw materials
    3. Imported raw materials are also procured from global vendors
    4. Calcination of raw materials and full fledged crushing and grading circuits for quality consistent products
    5. Manufacture of our own high alumina cements of different grades
    6. Manufacture of Synthetic raw materials
  • Locational advantage
    1. We cater to pan India requirements since we are centrally located
    2. Well connected by rail, road and flights
    3. Peaceful area – no natural calamities
    4. Availability of plenty of land and finance for up-gradation
  • Mould making in our fully equipped workshop capable of making machines also.
    1. We can achieve very stringent dimensional tolerance in shaped products
    2. Availability of skilled and experienced manpower
    3. All complicated designs and shapes are possible
    4. Anchors, mixer machines and gunning machines are also fabricated
  • One star export house
  • Crisil rating BBB
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  • Our own refractory application and installation team
  • IT facilities with ERP implementation
  • Already supplying to well known, global refractory manufacturers also

To be a premium refractory Producer, global in size and reach,with passion for excellence.

“To work closely with our customers to meet their requirements and ensure total customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality, response time, delivery commitment and price competitiveness while achieving profitable growth”


Quality of input Raw Materials is the baseline for design of Refractories (both Shaped and Unshaped). As of today, Mahakoshal Refractories Pvt. Ltd. has unique infrastructures for Testing and Quality Control of varieties of Raw Materials and finished products (mostly Alumina based products). Manpower at R&D; is the blend of young and bright Chemists/Engineers guided by experienced Managers; and offers extensive services for testing following International Standards (like ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN etc.) and Indian Standards (IS). Testing and Inspection wing of the organization supports for:

  • QC of Incoming Raw Materials
  • QC of Finished Goods
  • External Inspection by Customers or their Appointee
  • Technical Support to Customers
  • Failure Analysis and Complaint Resolution
  • Creation of Products Datasheet
  • Modeling & Simulation

Testing facilities are broadly classified as:-

    • Porosity and Bulk Density (by Archimedes Principle & Vacuum Methods)
    • Grain Size Analysis
    • Specific Surface Area (for Ultra-Fine Powders)
    • Setting Time (for Hydraulic Binders)
    • Humidity Chamber for Monolithics
    • Gravimetric Method
    • Spectro-Photometer (for Transition Metal Oxides)
    • Flame Photometer (for Alkaline Oxides)
    • Cold Crushing Strength (Compressive Strength)
    • Modulus of Rapture / Flexural Strength
    • Bonding Strength
    • Abrasion Testing
    • Thermal Conductivity (Calorimetric and Hot Wire Method)
    • Pyrometric Cone Equivalent
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Permanent Linear Change
    • Creep in Compression
    • Refractoriness Under Load
    • Hot Modulus of Rapture
    • Thermal Shock Resistance (Air and Water Quenching)
    • Auto-CAD
    • Thermal Profiling of Equipment like Rotary Kiln etc.
    • Design of Bricks and Monolithics Lining Including Anchors
    • Simulation to Predict Performance Guarantee Based on Operational Parameters

ECOVADIS Certification

EcoVadis Certification

The company has comprehensive training & development plan for its employees. We have our own training center where training & development activities are carried out throughout the year based on the assessment of training needs through performance appraisal system.

Our organization is committed to determine the necessary competency level for its personnel. We provide regular training to our employees to achieve necessary competence and evaluate the effectiveness of training imparted.

We also ensure that our personnel are aware of the relevance and importance of their activities and how they contribute to the achievement of quality objective. We also maintain appropriate records of education, training, skills & experience.

Program of Art of Living is conducted in our Organization. In this program most of our employees has undergone Training for YOGA and PRANAYAM. They have undergone various Breathing Techniques, Sudarshan Kriya, Yoga sans which help them to increase their concentration & relieve stress. They have learnt to initiate activities and convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts. They become enthusiastic, confident and energetic. They can be able to control their anger and anxiety.

Export turnover constitutes around 1/3rd of the total turnover. Our presence in demanding European market signifies our good quality levels which are comparable to high international standards. We have excellent logistic network which helps us in giving prompt deliveries to our overseas customers. We have regular exports to countries like:


Our increasing export turnover has helped us in getting many prestigious export awards. We also offer turnkey contracts and total refractory management services to our overseas customers.

CSR is a way of conducting business, by which we visibly contribute to the social welfare and we do not limit ourselves to using resources to engage in activities that increase only our profits. We are actively involved for the betterment in the field of education and community development by adopting following

  • We provide teachers in nearby village schools.
  • Scholarships are given to meritorious students.
  • We support nearby orphanage for their daily needs.
  • We provide free tuition classes to economically weak students.

MAHAKOSHAL believes that high standards of environment health and safety performance are essential in all its business in order to achieve the financial and non financial goals of the Group.

We are committed as a company to the following principles:

  • We identify risks to the environment on each of our sites, and wherever possible, prevent or otherwise minimize harmful affects of their activities on the environment
  • We conduct periodic audits of our operating facilities to assess compliance with Health & safety laws & regulations and to drive continual improvement.
  • We timely conduct safety programs to spread awareness in Mahakoshal family.

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