Pre Cast Pre Fired(PCPF)Blocks


Hand Moulding / Precast Shapes

MRPL manufactures all refractory shapes which are difficult and/or impossible to make through Pressing. Products of this kind ranges from non-standard bricks that are too big in size or are of complex and complicated shapes, to where metal anchors or frames are made or where only few pieces are to be made. MRPL has its own mould-making section with separate sections for hand moulding and precast to assure the product quality in terms of shapes, sizes, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Quality and temperature of the water, required for casting, are monitored and maintained based on the ambient conditions to minimize the seasonal effects. These materials are fired in Kilns as per the process requirement and quality of products. The most important requirement of precast shapes is its quality. It should be almost same as the rest of the refractory structures.


Product Name Chemical Analysis (wt%) Apparent Porosity (%) Bulk Density (g/cc)
CCS (kg/cm2) PLC (%) PCE (0C/OC) Min. Service Temperature (0C) Max. Application Area
Al2O3 Fe2O3
Mahakoshal LC 45 44-48 1.2-1.4 12-16 2.30 800-900 ±1.8 at 15000C/3h 1665/30 1500 Aluminium Industry for Burner Block Sealing; Top Block in ABF and others.
Mahakoshal LC 60 58-62 1.4-1.6 12-16 2.55 900-1100 ±1.5 at 15000C/3h 1763/34 1550 Burner Blocks in Fertilizer Plants
Mahakoshal LC 70 68-72 1.4-1.6 11-15 2.65 1000-1300 ±1.5 at 15000C/3h 1785/35 1600 Burner Blocks in Fertilizer Plants
Mahakoshal LC 70M 68-72 0.5-0.8 12-16 2.60 1000-1200 ±0.8 at 15500C/3h 1820/37 1700 Burner Blocks in Fertilizer Plants
Mahakoshal LC 80 78-82 1.6-2.0 12-16 2.80 1100-1400 ±1.5 at 15000C/3h 1804/36 1650 Burner Blocks in Fertilizer Plants
Mahakoshal LC 90 86-90 1.0-1.2 11-15 3.00 1200-1500 ±1.0 at 15000C/3h 1820/37 1700 Rolling Mill Hearth
Mahakoshal ULC 65 63-66 1.2-1.4 11-15 2.65 1000-1200 ±1.2 at 15000C/3h 1785/35 1600 Burner/Muffle Blocks in Fertilizer Plants
Mahakoshal ULC 95 93-96 0.2-0.4 11-15 3.10 1200-1500 ±1.0 at 15000C/3h 1835/38 1800 Rolling Mill Hearth





  • Size Tolerance : ±5% or ± 2.0mm whichever is greater.
  • Mahakoshal does not warrant the accuracy, fitness for purpose or updates of any information disclosed herein. Specification of the products may change based on the geographical area to be supplied.
  • Data shown are based on average results of production samples and are subject to normal variation during individual tests.
  • and Min. values are given separately for testing purposes.
  • The information contained herein are exclusive property of Mahakoshal.

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