High Alumina Cement


These are calcium aluminate cement binders produced by sintering method from a mixture of aluminous and calcareous materials. These products is used for making refractory castables after proportioning with selected refractory aggregates in various combinations to get specific high-temperature properties. These products set hydraulically. We at Mahakoshal Refractories Pvt. Ltd., are manufacturers and sellers of various types of High Alumina Cement.

Our industry experience of past 5 decades, have enabled us to study and produce the best possible High Alumina Cement at a very cost-effective price.

For storage – The period indicated begins with the date of production and is based on the storage under cool, dry, frost-free conditions.  If the period is exceeded, the material does not necessarily become unworkable.  Yet in this case, it is recommended that material is tested prior to use.  Other than the above storage conditions may affect the storage life of the material.


BRAND NAMECalcem-50Calcem-70Calcem-75
Al2O3 (wt%)42 – 4668 – 7172 – 75
Fe2O3 (wt%)6 – 80.1 – 0.30.1 – 0.3
CaO (wt%)28 – 3123 – 26
Shelf Life (months)666
Delivery StateDry PowderDry PowderDry Powder
Packing in Polythene Bags (kg)25/5025/5025/50
Specific Surface Area (cm2/g)2800 – 36003500 – 42003500 – 4200
Setting Time (in Minutes):
Initial20 – 7050 – 12060 – 120
Final300 – 390400 – 490450 – 550
Cold Crushing Strength (kg/cm2):
After 1 Day300 – 370400 – 500350 – 450
After 1 Day Curing + Drying at 1100C/24h520 – 650500 – 650
After 3 Days400 – 480
Refractoriness (0C/OC) Min.1337/121564/201683/31
Application AreaManufacturing of General Purpose CastablesManufacturing of High Purity and High Density CastablesManufacturing of High Purity and High Density Castables


    High Alumina Cement


  • Mahakoshal does not warrant the accuracy, fitness for purpose or updates of any information disclosed herein. Specification of the products may change based on the geographical area to be supplied.
  • Data shown are based on average results of production samples and are subject to normal variation during individual tests.
  • and Min. values are given separately for testing purposes.
  • The information contained herein are exclusive property of Mahakoshal.

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